Monthly Archives: February 2011

One Summer, 1,564 Villages: A Picture of Chinese Agriculture at a Crossroads

What happens when you send 130 college students to thousands of villages in rural China, armed with pens and camera phones to ask farmers strange and sometimes awkward questions? In Landesa, we call it our 2010 nationwide sample survey on …
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News from Kuala Lumpur: You’ve Got to be an Ultimate Optimist if Your Job is to Help the Poor’s Land Rights

Sia and Polet work for a small Cambodian NGO. They have some funding from a New Zealand charity, but barely enough to pay basic expenses. Their biggest challenge these days is to help seven communities in Boeng who lost their …
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Egypt: Six Million of the Especially Aggrieved

Hernando De Soto’s Op-ed in the Feb. 3rd Wall Street Journal rightly points out that “Egypt’s legal institutions fail the majority of the people. Due to burdensome, discriminatory and just plain bad laws…” Egyptians are marginalized and can’t operate and …
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