Monthly Archives: March 2011

The Importance of Locally Legitimate Law Reform

I was recently reminded of the importance, and the potency, of locally legitimate law reform (law reform which is based on what is feasible in practice and which can serve the dual purpose of satisfying a national agenda and reflect …
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New Laws in China Could Protect Individual Land Rights

While Landesa’s recent 17-province survey of farmers found a worrying upswing in farmland loss across much of China, there is some good news for China’s farmers and proponents of rule of law. The Chinese central government is revising its land …
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Top 6 Myths About Land Acquisitions

In my last post, I wrote about the risks and benefits of large-scale land acquisitions in developing countries. Judging by the growing number of related articles and commentaries, the issue is increasingly finding its way on to the radar screens …
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Landlessness is Not Forever

After more than a decade meeting with government officials and families in rural areas of the developing world, I have yet to encounter anyone who would discount the importance of land, or who would challenge the fact that landlessness is …
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The Word on Women – Why Does it Matter Who has Rights to Land in the Household?

In most of the world, families live and work together on their land.  Why does it matter then, who manages the family’s land and other resources? For an overview of why women’s land rights matter, read this USAID Issue Brief.