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Photo Essay: Life After Gaining a Land Title

View this photo essay slideshow that depicts what having secure land rights can do for a farming family in Rwanda, three years since receiving a title to their land.

Plotting a Path to a More Peaceful World

‘Tis the season when hope for peace runs high. The season when I renew my commitment to creating a better world, based in large measure on the experiences of villagers across the globe, like the ones I met recently in …
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Why Village Capacity Works

I’ve written here before about the need to develop and demonstrate practical programs for helping rural families gain access and secure rights to land. One powerful example of the benefits of this approach comes from the Indian state of Odisha …
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Land rights for women can help ease India’s child malnutrition crisis

This post originally appeared in the Guardian’s Poverty Matters Blog Despite progress on many fronts, India’s child malnutrition rate rivals that of sub-Saharan Africa. Growing evidence shows a way forward – giving women legal control of the land they farm. …
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Women’s Access to Legal Information

National governments across the world continue the slow march toward legislating gender equality, but in countries with gendered patterns of access to information, women are one of the first groups to lose out on their legal rights. In fact, the …
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Growing Tomorrow’s Leaders, One Land Title at a Time

It should be simple. A country ensures free education for all children, and everyone benefits. But we all know it’s not that easy. One in 10 children of primary school age is not in school, with 67 million children out …
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