10 ways donors can support African governments on rural land rights

This blog was originally published by Devex.com on November 18 as part of their ongoing Land Matters series. News of soaring demand for land in Africa and the strain this places on rural men and women is not new. Nor is it …
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How land rights for women could help fight climate change

This editorial originally appeared in the Global Post on November 18.  Climate change is not gender-neutral. Women in the developing world are often responsible for household food security, agricultural work, and water and fuel harvesting, which are all impacted by …
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How information empowers girls against child marriage

By Amit Kumar Ghosh, Landesa District Project Coordinator This post originally appeared on GirlsNotBrides.org on Wednesday 12th Nov 2014. More than 40,000 girls are taking part in an innovating project to curb child marriage in West Bengal, India The program teaches girls …
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Keeping girls in school and reducing vulnerability to child marriage

This post was originally published by the International Examiner on November 6, 2014. In the last year, girls living in the village of Hatabul Kasaldanga Chandamari in rural West Bengal, India have learned three important numbers: 1098—the number for the …
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Women in Tanzania set for equal land rights – let’s make sure it happens

By Jen Duncan and Scholastica Haule This post first appeared in the Guardian’s Poverty Matters blog on October 15, 2014. In a milestone for Tanzania, the country’s proposed new constitution provides women with equal rights to own and use land. …
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We need to redefine ambition

This post was originally produced for the Skoll World Forum blog on October 13, 2014. When I announced a few weeks ago that, after 10 years as president and CEO of Landesa, I would be stepping down and transitioning into a …
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5 girls who said NO to child marriage in West Bengal

This photo essay originally appeared on ONE.org. The Girls Project, a partnership between the government of West Bengal and Landesa, aims to keep girls in school and reduce their vulnerability to child marriage. More than 40,000 girls are currently participating in …
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A New Chapter

During my 27 years at Landesa, including the last ten as CEO and President, I’ve had the privilege of seeing both Landesa and the issue of land rights grow in prominence. A quarter century ago, few people were talking about …
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10 Lessons Learned on the Impact of Secure Land Rights

Got land rights? If you live in North America or Europe, the answer is probably: yes. If you live in the developing world, the answer is more likely: no. Your answer to this simple question largely determines your ability to …
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Secure Land Rights for Rwanda’s Women are Critical for Families and the Nation

A recent report from Rwanda’s Department of Land and Mapping found that women, either individually or jointly, own most of the registered plots of land in the capital, Kigali. The Deputy Registrar of Land, Grace Nishimwe, was quoted by local …
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Helping Grow the “We”

By Laura Lee Grace There is a saying that “If your life’s work can be accomplished in your own lifetime, you are not thinking big enough.” It has been my honor to work for decades with Roy Prosterman – a …
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Tim Hanstad

Why Landesa Works With Governments to Alleviate Poverty

This post was written as part of a special series for the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship. Despite an abundance of resources, dedicated efforts to alleviate poverty, generous donors, and committed development experts, we continue to live in a …
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Diana Fletschner

Accounting for land rights in the post-2015 sustainable development agenda

As U.N. member countries continue discussions regarding new sustainable development goals, targets and indicators to replace the expiring Millennium Development Goals, it is helpful to remember the story of former World Bank President Robert McNamara’s quest for poverty data. The story …
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