Annual Report 2017

Investment with Impact

Chris Jochnick
Chris Jochnick

A Letter from the CEO

Throughout history, change has often happened in two ways: Gradually, then suddenly.

Movements for social change germinate in the minds and deeds of an impassioned and visionary few, slowly finding purchase among peers and likeminded individuals. But for every successful movement, there is a moment when they are propelled forward by a groundswell of support. Where once there was hard clay, their ideas now find freshly tilled soil. Seeds of change take root; the garden flourishes.

At Landesa, we believe the global movement for secure, durable, equitable land rights for all is in the midst of such a moment.

The signs are everywhere. We see them in the halls of the United Nations, where land rights have been woven into three of the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda, related to poverty, hunger, and gender equality. And at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, where grassroots activists ascended last fall to rally support for an African Union initiative to put more of the continent’s land into the hands of women. And they can be found in the fields and rice paddies of India, China, and Myanmar, where government officials, advised by Landesa, have adopted legal reforms and policies with the potential to strengthen land rights for millions of rural families.

Landesa’s team of professionals have contributed to programs and policies that have helped strengthen the land rights of more than 120 million families.

From our origins in the work of Professor Roy Prosterman to our founding as the world’s first global NGO dedicated exclusively to land rights, Landesa has stood at the vanguard of the land rights movement. From the paddy fields of Myanmar to the plains of Tanzania, Landesa’s team of professionals have contributed to programs and policies that have helped strengthen the land rights of more than 120 million families. As more learn about the transformative power of land rights to improve lives and livelihoods, we continue to attract new allies and supporters to this essential work.

In this report, I invite you to learn how Landesa continues to be a leader in the land rights movement. And I thank you for continuing to support and sustain our vision of a world free of poverty – a world where all can enjoy secure, legal land rights.

Chris Jochnick

President and CEO


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Our Supporters

Thank you to all of the individual donors, foundations, corporations, and partners who made contributions in Fiscal Year 2017 (July 1, 2016–June 30, 2017). Your support makes our work possible.

Denotes a Gardeners for Growth monthly donor. We are grateful to this group for providing sustaining donations year-round. Learn more.

Over $1 Million
  • Ford Foundation

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Google Foundation

  • IKEA Foundation

  • King Philanthropies

  • NoVo Foundation

  • Omidyar Network

  • River Star Foundation

$100,000 – $999,999
  • Anonymous

  • David and Araceli Barclay

  • M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

  • Moccasin Lake Foundation

  • New Field Foundation Fund of Tides Foundation

  • The David & Lucile Packard Foundation

  • The Rockefeller Foundation

  • Ronald B. Rankin

  • Stewardship Foundation

  • Swedish Postcode Foundation

  • David Weekley Family Foundation

$25,000 - $99,999
  • Anonymous (3)

  • The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

  • Phil Harvey

  • New Venture Fund

  • Doug and Emilie Ogden/The North Ridge Foundation

  • PACCAR Inc

  • Propel Capital

  • Jill and Bill Ruckelshaus

  • Darshana Shanbhag and Dilip Wagle

$10,000 - $24,999
  • Anonymous

  • Jim Cardillo and Patricia Kern-Cardillo

  • Catherine Bertini Trust Fund for Girls' Education

  • Laura Lee Grace

  • The Hilton Prize Coalition

  • Sara and Mark Kranwinkle

  • Lenore Hanauer Foundation

  • Kiran and Vikesh Mahendroo

  • George and Beverly Martin

  • Matthew J. Bannick Family Fund

  • Mike and Gaelynn McGavick

  • Ann and Matthew Nimetz

  • Kathleen Pierce (in memory of Douglas P. Beighle)

  • The Seattle Foundation

  • Lawrence Wilkinson

With its record of defining a focused mission and then delivering measurable results, Landesa exemplifies the promise of strategic leadership in the nonprofit sector. That’s why, at King Philanthropies, we are proud to support Landesa’s model for bringing opportunity to millions of the world’s poorest—and in particular its effort to expand its proven model to new countries.

Kim Starkey Jonker

President and CEO, King Philanthropies

Landesa is proud to be featured as an exemplary organization in Engine of Impact: The Essentials of Strategic Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector by William F. Meehan III and Kim Starkey Jonker

$5,000 - $9,999
  • Maren Christensen

  • Leslie J. Decker and Stephen T. Rimmer

  • Brad Fresia

  • Rosemarie Havranek and Nathan Myhrvold

  • Paulina Garzón and Chris Jochnick

  • Sara and Andrew Litt

  • Money in Motion LLC

  • Sally and Bill Neukom

  • Suri and Mala Raman

  • Rasika and Girish Reddy

  • Seba Foundation

  • The Sister Fund

  • Ann P. Wyckoff

$2,500 - $4,999
  • Beverly Barnett

  • Lisa Ellis

  • Randi Hedin

  • Janet W. Ketcham

  • Carol and Lenny Lieberman

  • Mina Titi Liu and Eric Rosenblum

  • Margaret Niles and Stephen Garratt

  • Charles and Eleanor Nolan

  • Jennifer Potter and John Winton

  • Roy L. Prosterman

  • Peter Rabley

  • Neera & Deepak Raj

  • Skoll Foundation

  • Deidra Wager and Rick Munsen

The Jenks Leadership Program was looking for a nonprofit organization with a passion for nourishment for the most marginalized individuals. We found that Landesa is the best organization that has a lasting impact on people, and as college students, we are all inspired by their dedication and were honored to contribute.

Maria Meyer

Student of The Jenks Leadership Program at Boston College

  • Megan Bowman

  • James Bruene

  • Janice D'Amato

  • Thomas Douglas

  • Ellen Ferguson

  • Foster Pepper PLLC (gift in honor of Sheri Flies)

  • Christine Grumm

  • Chitra and Tim Hanstad

  • Hayes Family Fund

  • Susan Heikkala

  • Karen and Michael Herman

  • Jenks Leadership Program at Boston College

  • Liz and Adolf Jochnick

  • Gretchen and Jon Jones

  • Susanne Keller and Allan Williams

  • Marty Krasney

  • Maitreyi and Suresh Krishnaswamy

  • Alida and Christopher Latham

  • Brendan Mangan

  • Eugene Martin

$1,000-$2,499 (Cont.)
  • Vivian and Glen Morie

  • Nelson Family Charitable Fund

  • Paul Silver and Christina Marra Charitable Fund

  • Joan Platt

  • Posner-Wallace Foundation

  • Prairie Foundation

  • Jeff Riedinger

  • Catherine and Thurston Roach

  • Ben Rohrbaugh

  • Rachel Running and Doug Love

  • Ann Sandstrom

  • Drs. Janet and William Solan

  • Ronald and Elizabeth H. Sugameli Charitable Fund

  • Judy Tobin

  • Camille and Jim Uhlir

  • Jay Venkatesan

  • Maggie Walker

Up to $999
  • Anonymous Donors (26)

  • Walt Adam

  • Adesuwa Agbonile

  • Agora for Good

  • Mito Alfieri

  • Anne Anderson

  • Kathleen Arthur

  • Artisan Dental

  • Jacob Avery

  • Emily Bancroft

  • Shamaprasad Bangalore

  • Charlotte Beall

  • Lindsay Berg

  • Katherine Berrigan

  • Matt Berry

  • Alison Bettles and Ryan Glant

  • Judith Bevington

  • Arnaz and Jehangir Bharucha

  • Herbert M. Bridge

  • Jessica Brinton

  • Jim Bromley and Joan Hsiao

  • Paul Bucciaglia

  • Richard Caldart

  • Kristen Casapulla

  • Teresa Chen

  • Uchendu Chigbu

  • Chang Chinfan

  • Benjamin Chotzen

  • The Clarius Group, LLC

  • Samuel Clark

  • Susi Collins

  • Sandra Conner

  • Karen Countryman

  • Andrew Cox

  • Erika Croxton and Sean Mulligan

  • Lukasz Czerwinski

  • Kristen Dailey

  • Danielle Dandrige

  • Patricia Davis

  • Saskia De Jonge

  • Joe Delaney

Up to $999 (Cont.)
  • Jennifer Duncan

  • Julie Edsforth and Jabe Blumenthal

  • Joseph Enriquez

  • Barb Espejo

  • Teresita Eulogio

  • Jan Everman

  • Peggy Foerch

  • Lynne Frame and Rick Hoskins

  • Everett Fruehling

  • Galgon Family Fund

  • Tracy Garland

  • Stephen Garratt

  • William H. Gates Sr.

  • Richard Gelb

  • Sally Goodwin

  • Slade Gorton

  • Daniel S. Gottlieb

  • Karen Gray

  • Laurie Gray

  • Nancy Grout

  • Ksenia Gueletina

  • McKenna Haley

  • Ruth Ann Halford

  • Lewis Hamilton

  • Kevin Harris

  • Kathleen Hart

  • Libby Hart

  • Jamie Hathaway

  • Reno Hechtman

  • Gail Helgeson

  • Krin Henderson

  • Sam Herring

  • Susan Holmes

  • Hilary Horder

  • Jessica Houssian

  • i2iBenefits

  • Immanuel Presbyterian Church

  • Jeannette Kahlenberg

  • Melissa Kane

  • Musimbi Kanyoro

  • Frederick Kaplan

  • Peter Kelly

  • Whitney Keyes

  • Shirley and Ping Kiang

I support Landesa as a monthly donor because they understand that working to improve policy is the only way to craft long-term, sustainable change.

Adesuwa Agbonile

Stanford University student

Up to $999 (Cont.)
  • Jai Kim

  • Janet King

  • Lynne Kingsley

  • Katarina Krueger

  • Kevin Lederman

  • Jen Lenga Long

  • Anne Lewis

  • Carol Lewis and Tom Byers

  • Jimmy Liessi

  • Mukund K. Lingineni

  • Larry Logue

  • Deby MacLeod

  • Melissa and Charlie Malley

  • Ellen Marson and Chris McCall

  • Judith M. Maurer

  • Helene Mawyer

  • Maximov Albert Gift Fund

  • David Mayer

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  • Scott A. Peterson

  • Julie and Paul Pottinger

  • Alexandra Preston

  • Llewelyn Pritchard

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  • John Raphling

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  • Andrea Ray Alessio

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  • Leonard and Christine Rolfes

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