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Amanda Richardson
Amanda is a former land tenure specialist with the Landesa Center for Women's Land Rights.

To combat hunger, give land rights to rural women

Jul 18, 2013 in Kenya , Women's Land Rights

This post was originally published by the Christian Science Monitor on July 17, 2013. When world leaders gathered in London last month to join British Prime Minister David Cameron’s Hunger Summit, they secured pledges of more than $4 billion to …
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Land: A Foundation for Development

Jan 09, 2013 in Women's Land Rights

The Council on Foreign Relations Development Channel recently posted an exciting article by Stephanie Hanson of the One Acre Fund on empowering female smallholder farmers. The article highlighted four obstacles women farmers in the developing world face: poor quality seed and no fertilizer, no …
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Women’s land rights and nutrition

May 01, 2012 in Health & Nutrition , Women's Land Rights

While there is no silver bullet to solve global hunger, discussion at the Global Conference of Women in Agriculture (GCWA), held in New Delhi from March 13th to 15th, 2012, pointed to a piece of the solution. In a breakout …
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Are women with secure land rights less vulnerable to domestic violence?

Jul 28, 2011 in Women's Land Rights

The problem of domestic violence in the world can seem intractable. In a recent report, UN Women notes that in 17 out of 41 countries, “a quarter or more of people think that it is justifiable for a man to …
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