Author Profile: Yu Gao

Yu Gao
Yu Gao brings a wealth of experience to Landesa and leads our program strategy and operations in China. He has near two decades’ working experience in areas of poverty reduction, international relations and environmental policy. This includes his previous undertaking as the Global Director for Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF)’s China for a Global Shift Initiative. He also served the United Nations Development Program in different management and research roles on issues of poverty, regional economic and social cooperation and human development reports. Yu was educated at the Beijing Foreign Studies University and the University of Cambridge.

The High Cost of Migration in China

Dec 04, 2013 in Economic Development

Over the last three decades, more than 260 million rural residents of China have moved to the cities in one of the largest migrations in human history. Most have moved to cities because they cannot afford not to. For all …
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China’s polluted farmlands carry the seeds of change

Jun 18, 2013 in Food and Agriculture , Health & Nutrition

This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as “A clean start” and on Gao Yu says the severity of China’s agricultural pollution and food safety problems offer an opportunity for change. For more sustainable and …
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China: One fire may be out, but tensions over rural land rights are still smoldering

Feb 06, 2012 in Policy reform

After months of protests and rioting in the small Chinese village of Wukan, life is returning to normal. As roadblocks are removed and daily life returns to its pre-riot rhythms, it is tempting to think that a crisis has been …
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