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Oct 06

2010 Findings | 17-Province Survey of Rural Land Rights in China

FEBRUARY 2011 – 2010 findings from 2010 survey of 17-provinces in rural China show that reforms have boosted farm incomes but significant challenges remain. China continues to boost economic development in the countryside by extending secure land tenure rights to its 200 million farming families, according to findings from a 17 province survey, published in the 2011 Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Rule of Law Blue Book. | View report online | Download PDF

About The Author

Li Ping is a senior attorney for Landesa’s China team and one of the leading authorities on land-related law in China. He has assisted the Chinese government in drafting and implementing laws and regulations governing farmers’ land rights, and provided consultancy to international development organizations in formulating policies on tenure security for farmers, land expropriation and resettlement. He has extensive land tenure experience, including forestland tenure, tenure security, land tenure law, eminent domain law, resettlement law and policy, regulatory takings, compensation valuation, land use law, land policy, and land-related institutional expertise in developing countries. He conducted numerous rounds of rural fieldwork throughout China, and has experience working with Chinese government agencies and academic institutions to reduce poverty through land reforms. He also has farming experience in China.

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