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News Security Beat, the blog of the Wilson Center, published an article by Tizai Mauto that synthesizes Landesa’s youth land rights work in Liberia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and elsewhere. He argues for securing youth land rights as a means to create work opportunities for Africa’s under- and unemployed youth while stimulating agricultural productivity.

Access to land is both a critical component and a fundamental barrier to productive youth engagement in agriculture. If properly harnessed, Africa’s nearly 420 million youth—including more than 200 million who reside in rural areas—will be the continent’s greatest asset and its engine to grow agricultural productivity and food security while reducing poverty.

This report provides a set of clear, in-depth recommendations to the Liberia Land Authority on improving women’s participation in community-level land governance in the implementation of the Land Rights Act (LRA) passed in 2018. These recommendations are based on learnings from primary qualitative research conducted on forest governance structures at 4 case study sites in 3 counties of Liberia on the implementation of community forestry governance bodies.