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Sundance Documentary on Women's Land Rights

Woman holding her child in Kenya

KENYA – Preview our upcoming Sundance-funded documentary film featuring one community’s work to empower women to realize their land rights in rural Kenya. The film follows several widows as they navigate land ownership and inheritance issues.

Women in half the countries of the world are prevented from accessing their rights to land, property, and inheritance, despite the fact that laws exist protecting those rights. The Stand For Her Land Campaign aims to break down those barriers by promoting innovative solutions that empower women to overcome them. 


Delivering for rural women

Latifah standing on her farm in Tanzania

Rural girls and women are a quarter of the world’s population. It is no exaggeration to say that they are among the hardest working people on the planet.

Women in rural areas shoulder the burden of unpaid household labor, such as gathering water or fuel for cooking, preparing meals, and caring for children. They live in areas where land is the most fundamental asset and source of wealth, power, social status, and economic opportunity. Many work for hours as laborers on agricultural land, or gathering wood, water and fodder, yet few reap the reward of their sweat and toil.

Why? Because many of these same women live in places where their right to own or inherit land and property is restricted. In more than half the countries in the world, women encounter legal or customary barriers to their land and inheritance rights, deepening existing inequalities. The gender gap in land manifests itself in a stark reality – around the world, less than 15 percent of all landholders are women, despite the fact that women comprise 43 percent of the agricultural workforce in the developing world.


Upcoming Events

October 3, 2019

Roots to Rights Cocktail Reception with Kim Jonker from King Philanthropies
Thursday, October 3 | 6 pm
111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco

October 10, 2019

Seattle Speaker Series- Emerging Land Rights for Rural Families in Myanmar 
Thursday, October 10 | 12pm - 1pm
Global Washington

October 23, 2019

Seattle Speaker Series- Partnering with Private Companies: Responsible and Sustainable Investments in Land 
Wednesday, October 23 | 6pm – 7pm
K&L Gates

November 6, 2019

Seattle Speaker Series- Changing Landscapes in China: Land, Policy, and Rule of Law 
Wednesday, November 6 | 12pm – 1pm
Global Washington

March 12, 2020

Seed the Change 2020
Thursday March 12, 2020
SAVE THE DATE! Don't miss our annual Seed the Change Gala. 
Block 41, Seattle

Landesa in the news

Photo of women's rights organizations in Dar es Salaam. Photo from Giulia Corinaldi.

TrustLaw convenes women’s rights working group in Tanzania Thomson Reuters Foundation’s global legal pro bono service convened leading women’s rights organizations, including Landesa, to discuss how legal pro bono can strengthen their work on gender equality. (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

Hindustan Times

Daughters' Inheritance Rights in Uttar Pradesh Shipra Deo, Landesa’s Women’s Land Rights (WLR) Director in India, writes about a new law in Uttar Pradesh that strengthens WLRs, the history of WLRs in the region, and practical steps to continue forward progress. (Hindustan Times)

Opinion: Land rights & the migrant crisis

Landesa’s Sr. Research and Evaluation Advisor Gina Alvarado argues that the United States should invest in programming that strengthens the land tenure rights of Central American farmers as a sustainable way to stem the current migrant crisis.