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New Hope, New Horizons: Landesa's 2021 Annual Report released

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We are pleased to share Landesa’s 2021 Annual Report with you. This year’s report highlights the work we are most hopeful about, with stories about emerging opportunities, expanding the Stand for Her Land campaign, and our continued commitment to the work of addressing climate change through land rights action.

Learn how Landesa has also embarked on a journey to transform the organization to reflect our belief that people should be empowered to be active agents in their own development. We are embracing a “distributed approach” and moving more resources and authority to our local staff and offices; essential steps to creating a more equitable and effective organization.

And most important, read about our impact. In 2021, Landesa’s work strengthened land rights for over 1 million people. We am very proud of that number and the work it represents. Thank you to everyone who has supported Landesa’s mission to secure land rights for everyone!

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Growing our Impact By the Numbers
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Landesa's Seed the Change gala. Join us in person (March 16 at Block 41 in Seattle) or virtually (March 30 online)

Join us at the 2022 Seed the Change Gala to celebrate  the impact of secure land rights in two parts. 

Part 1: In-person on March 16th at Block 41 in Seattle beginning at 5:30pm. 

Our in-person gala is limited to 100 guests this year to provide a safe and welcoming experience in Seattle where Landesa was founded. The program will feature a very special presentation of the Roy L. Prosterman Award, performances from artists incorporating cultural elements from some of the countries where Landesa is currently working, and a lively fundraiser to support Landesa's mission where guests truly Seed the Change. 

Part 2: Virtual on March 30th from anywhere beginning at 5:30pm PDT.

Our virtual experience is open to all at no cost and will let everyone celebrate Landesa's impact together in one virtual space. At this gathering there will be new live elements as well as video clips from the night at Block 41. Throughout the program guests will Seed the Change with donations, participate in a friendly virtual trivia game, and connect with members of Landesa's leadership team and other guests during our virtual reception hosted on the Remo virtual events platform. 

If you have any questions about tickets, the event, or Landesa, please contact



We Cannot Be Equal Until We Are People

By Beth Roberts and Nitya Rao

AVPN — Do rights to land and property define a human being’s actual level of citizenship? This is not absolute, but has held true throughout history and across societies. And unequal rights to land are a strangling limit for realizing human rights worldwide, particularly for women and girls.

In the United States, ownership of land and property determined citizenship from the founding of the country. But this was limited to white, male settlers. This type of limit on both ownership and citizenship exists currently, globally.

In most countries of the world, land ownership is intimately connected to social identity, even if not formal citizenship. It is owners of land who can enter into production or sale contracts, secure credit from banks and other financial institutions, be admitted as members of cooperatives, and engage in many other key forms of economic activity. Land ownership imparts social status and dignity.


Landesa in the news

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Why Do Women Farmers Still Lack Access to Agricultural Land Ownership?
Shipra Deo, Landesa’s director for women’s land rights in India, talks about the hurdles women face to owning land on the Land of a Billion podcast.

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How Climate Change Can be Fought With Secure Property Rights
Rachel McMonagle, Landesa’s climate change & land tenure specialist, discusses using land rights to adapt to climate change on Property Rights Research Consortium’s Land of a Billion podcast.

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Despite courts, the plot is against daughters
A new court ruling in India expands the scope of a daughter’s right to inherit land, but the bigger picture remains one of stark gender disparities in land rights. Read more in a new Times Of India blog by Landesa’s Shipra Deo & Robert Mitchell.


Agricultural Systems Change

Woman in Rwanda holds her land title in front of her. Photo by Debbie Espinosa.

Announcing a new investment in Africa’s women farmers

Landesa is pleased to join One Acre Fund in investing in rural Africa’s farmers through the Agricultural Systems Change initiative, in partnership with the Co-Impact Systems Change Grant program.

The Agricultural Systems Change initiative advances smallholder farmers in Rwanda, Kenya, and Ethiopia along the pathway to prosperity by way of gender-transformative financing and training. Using a market-based framework, the initiative strives to transform agricultural systems nationwide to be pro-poor and pro-women. 

Co-Impact’s support will enable 17 million smallholder farmers to increase their annual profits by an average of 20% or more by 2025. Through tackling root causes of inequality, this initiative seeks to reduce extreme poverty, protect the environment, and shape a more gender-equitable future for rural Africa. Learn more ->


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