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New issue brief: Youth land rights

A young man in Myanmar looks at the camera while holding farm tools over his shoulder. Overlaid text reads 'Youth hold the key'.

The future belongs to youth. But in many parts of the world, young women and men lack the means and the opportunity to build livelihoods and fully participate in their communities. This is especially true in rural areas, where agriculture is the foundation of the economy, but land rights remain out of reach.

Consider the case of sub-Saharan Africa, where an estimated 10-12 million young people enter the workforce each year, but only 4 million new jobs are created, leaving the majority of young workers either unemployed or settling for menial and informal work.

But imagine the opportunity and the potential that could be unlocked if these youth had secure rights to land. A more robust agricultural workforce could boost productivity and lead to improved food security. Young farmers would bring greater understanding of technology and on-farm innovations, contributing to greater uptake of sustainable farming practices and better outcomes for climate adaptation and mitigation. And the rural economy would benefit from millions more employed young Africans, contributing to broad economic development across the region.

By investing in programs to strengthen youth land rights across Africa and Asia, Landesa is investing in the future of our planet. Learn more about how we’re creating opportunities for young women and men to enjoy stronger rights to land in our new issue brief, Youth Hold the Key.


Securing land rights is vital to fulfilling the COP 26 pact

By Rachel McMonagle, Climate Change and Land Tenure Specialist
Indigenous Macuxi people work on a cassava plantation in Roraima state, Brazil. Photo by: Bruno Kelly / Reuters
Indigenous Macuxi people work on a cassava plantation in Roraima state, Brazil. Photo by: Bruno Kelly / Reuters

After 12 frenzied days of side events and negotiations amid the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, the Glasgow Climate Pact joined the long list of international agreements aimed at saving our environment. We must ensure it does not join the list of international agreements that have fallen short of doing so. With countries reaffirming the Paris Agreement’s daunting goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the question now turns to how countries can fulfill these commitments.

Climate change is such a multi-faceted, acute challenge that it necessitates a multi-faceted solution. We need high-level global summits like COP 26 just as we need investments and recognition of grassroots organizing, wherein local micro-actions on climate change add up to yield global impacts. As we consider the extensive assortment of Glasgow’s outcomes, a powerful tool emerges to engender this collective impact: land rights.

For national governments pursuing their climate commitments, securing land tenure for their rural populations would lay the foundation for effective, sustainable climate action.


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