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Millions of families with
more secure land rights

Join the global movement for land rights

Become part of an organization that is growing rapidly and impacting millions of rural families by securing their rights to one of the most precious resources for prosperity – land.
Landesa is a world class research and advocacy organization whose goal is to secure land rights for the world’s poorest people through improved policies, laws and programs.
We foster an environment that values impact, collaboration, respect, dedication, and learning. These traits are the driving force of our success and are inherent in our organizational culture.
Landesa has a talented and dedicated staff that enjoys extensive support, benefits, and opportunities to grow. As a Landesa employee, you will have access to educational and development opportunities as well as the chance to contribute to some of the most important research and policy reform and program implementation taking place in global development today.
Equal employment opportunity has been, and will continue to be, a fundamental principle at Landesa. Landesa is committed to a work environment in which relationships are characterized by dignity, courtesy and respect. We are committed to nondiscrimination in all of our business operations.

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Internships and Fellowships

Landesa hosts a full-time 10-week summer internship program based in its Seattle office. The open application period for the summer internship program is October through February. On a rolling basis, Landesa accepts applications for part-time fall, winter, and spring internships. If you are a student interested in applying for an internship, send a cover letter, CV or resume (including GPA or class ranking), and writing sample to internships@landesa.org indicating your preference for summer or academic semester. Internships are only available to currently enrolled students — Preference is given to students receiving academic credit or grant stipends.

Additionally, Landesa considers externally funded fellowship opportunities on a case-by-case basis. Qualifications include a relevant post-graduate degree such as law or public policy, excellent research and writing skills, and a demonstrated interest in improving rights of women and the rural poor. Candidates must identify externally funded opportunities before submitting a fellowship application. Fellowship applications can be submitted to internships@landesa.org and should include a cover letter, CV or resume (including GPA or class ranking), and writing sample.

Internship and Fellowship Program

Consulting Opportunities

Landesa supplements its regular Seattle home office and overseas staff with the expertise of skilled international consultants.  We maintain an active roster of consultants in support of our program needs.  We encourage consultants with specialized skills in legal, policy, and monitoring and evaluation issues related to land access and tenure security to submit their qualifications to be considered for inclusion in our roster.  To be included, forward your CV to: consultants@landesa.org.  We encourage consultants to submit their updated CVs on a regular basis, preferably every six months. Please highlight any new experience, new positions, skills, languages or countries, and indicate your current availability.

Research Assistant – Research and Evaluation

The primary scope of work for this consultancy would entail mining various datasets related to land & development for any potential gender-related analysis that we might be able to conduct. These are datasets that have not been put together by Landesa but are available publicly or by USAID. The data analysis will feed into a larger report about what resources can be used to feed more insights into the literature around gender, land and development. The selected contractor will work closely with Landesa staff to identify variables of interest and conduct preliminary analysis to confirm that the variables hold analytical value. We would expect the selected person to have a passion for development and an appreciation for gender and the need for greater analytical and design nuance to capture gender-specific research findings. There is a strong preference for the analysis to be conducted using STATA.

The position would require about 20 hours of work per week, preferably from our office in downtown Seattle. Expected start date would be early February for 6-8 weeks of work. All interested candidates should send their CV directly to Niketa Kulkarni, Sr. Research and Evaluation Specialist at niketak@landesa.org.