Landesa's 2021 Annual Report
Our world has changed, but land is a constant.

Wherever Landesa works, we are helping to ensure that individuals, families and communities have access to a critical resource for improving lives and livelihoods. Land rights are at the foundation of wealth and income, food security, social status, and stability around the world. Land is also at the root of building more resilient ecosystems and landscapes that can withstand and even fight the most harmful effects of climate change.


Chris Jochnick, President & CEO

Despite the many challenges, we have momentum on our side and I am as optimistic as ever that our work will continue to revitalize communities, restore landscapes, and build hope for millions of people worldwide. Thank you for joining us on this transformational journey.



Our work is growing in exciting ways, with new investments in the Stand For Her Land campaign to strengthen women’s land rights and our work with women’s self-help groups in India to expand women's ownership of land. We’ve also deepened our engagement with climate change actors to ensure that land rights, and particularly the rights of Indigenous Peoples, local communities, and women, play a central role in future efforts to mitigate and adapt to change. With new support from donors, we are expanding our work in Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa that will help us reach millions more people. You’ll learn about all this and more inside our 2021 Annual Report.


Growing Our Impact

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Photo credit: PDP-Center

“Sometimes, as I am a woman, some people will still look at me as a weak person, but I will overcome this word and do the best thing for my community because I am a person who can be flexible.”

After joining an advocacy and leadership training by Landesa partner PDP-Center in Cambodia, Mrs. Ut Sreyleak won an election to lead her community in demanding for land registration. Mrs. Sreyleak plans to collaborate closely with her community colleagues as she discusses the land titling request with government authorities, and cites the training as helping her learn about working with stakeholders, develop talking points, and grow confidence.

Photo credit: BDStall
By the Numbers

Our FY2021 programmatic impact
Stronger land rights for

Working with our partners in government, civil society, and companies, and within rural communities, Landesa promotes gender-equal land rights in a variety of ways. This past year, we focused on strengthening institutions, distributing authority across our offices to create stronger country-level programming, and developing new opportunities for our work.

Learn more about our impact in the last year:

0,081 people
Have documents in their name
0,000 people
Stand to benefit from better laws and policies
182,0 women
Received land rights training and education
494,0 women
Stand to benefit from improved government or CSO capacity
Total: 1,038,0 people
Stand to benefit from Landesa's programs
Because the same person may benefit from multiple programs, the combined total may be less than the sum of all program outcomes to avoid double-counting.
2021 Media Highlights

Check out some of Landesa's top news mentions from last year:
In the foreground, a hand holding a sign that says "CLIMATE ACTION NOW." In the background, a climate strike in Toronto.
We Must Listen to Women to Tackle Our Changing Climate
Nov 5, 2021
Landesa Women's Land Rights Director Beth Roberts explains how women are sidelined in climate leadership at COP26 and beyond despite their pivotal role in fighting climate change.
How Land Reform Became Uganda's Most Controversial Problem
Oct. 15, 2021
Landesa's Africa Region Director Margaret Rugadya spoke to Foreign Policy for a piece on land reform challenges in Uganda.
Evergrande and Beijing's Addiction to Expropriation
Oct. 14, 2021
The Wall Street Journal published a letter by Landesa CEO Chris Jochnick on new legislation in China that reins in land expropriation and provides greater protections for farmers.
How China’s landmark law changes help protect farmland and farmers’ rights
Oct. 7, 2021
Landesa's Li Ping writes about how amendments to the Land Management Law and implementing regulations create guardrails for farmers’ land rights in the context of land expropriation.

Read the article ->

Securing Land Rights for Indigenous Peoples & Rural Communities Can Activate Critical Change Agents in the Fight Against Climate Change
Jun. 29, 2021
Landesa's Climate Change and Land Tenure Specialist Rachel McMonagle highlights the links between land rights and climate justice, mitigation, and adaptation efforts.



    Accounting principles generally accepted in the United States require Landesa to recognize the full amount of unconditional multi-year grants in the year in which they are awarded. Expenses, however, are recorded in the year they are incurred.

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