A new way to visualize our impact; Upcoming expert panel on November 19; Youth land rights in Africa; Meet Sudipta Biswas.
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Visualizing our impact

Overview of new Impact Dashboard

LANDESA.ORG – Whether it's improving laws and policies or ensuring people have land documents in their name, we're always looking for the best ways to support people experiencing poverty in rural areas with secure land rights. 

Today, we're thrilled to introduce our Impact Dashboard: a new way to explore how Landesa is making a difference. You can see how many people we've reached (broken down by gender or type of impact) over the last five years and how, why, and where we strengthen land rights. 



Using technology for legal empowerment

Spreading the word: Landesa and Amplio in Liberia panel

EVENT: Join us Thursday, November 19th from 10-11am PST

ZOOM — Tune in to our panel of land rights experts and social entrepreneurs from Landesa and Amplio for a discussion on our exciting new partnership that is leveraging technology for legal empowerment in Liberia. Using Talking Books designed by Amplio, Landesa’s team in Liberia is delivering critical information on land rights to remote communities in their own language. Together, we are reaching thousands of Liberians with essential knowledge about their legal rights to land. Register for the November 19 discussion here and contact Landesa (events@landesa.org) with any questions.



Why securing youth land rights matters for agriculture-led growth in Africa

By Tizai Mauto, Land Tenure Specialist

Two young men work together to attach a device to a tree.
Photo Credit: Feed the Future Land Tenure Assistance Activity, USAID Tanzania, courtesy of Riaz Jahanpour for USAID/Digital Development Communications.

Africa’s “youth bulge” represents both an enormous challenge and a tantalizing opportunity for the continent. With over 60 percent of Africans under the age of 35, governments are under increasing pressure to grasp the “demographic dividend” youth represent to boost agricultural productivity, enhance food security, and expand economic opportunities for young men and women. Each year, about 10-12 million young Africans aged 15-24 enter the labor market, but only 3.1 million formal wage jobs are generated, pushing millions of youth into low paying and precarious informal employment.

A foundational piece of Africa’s rural and agricultural transformation must be ensuring that youth have secure land rights on which to stake their future and invest in agriculture and farm-related productive activities. If properly harnessed, Africa’s nearly 420 million youth—including more than 200 million who reside in rural areas—will be the continent’s greatest asset and its engine to grow agricultural productivity and food security while reducing poverty.

Access to land is both a critical component and a fundamental barrier to productive youth engagement in agriculture. In fact, research shows that landlessness and lack of economic opportunities are important drivers of youth migration and farming career decisions in both land-scarce and land-abundant countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Continue reading →

Help families build their safety net

Group of people planting mangrove seedlings on a beach

During the current pandemic, families around the world are activating their safety nets – their land – to provide for their families and remain resilient in the face of crisis. Make a gift to Landesa today and help more families secure their land rights and build their safety nets.


Landesa in the news

Thomson Reuters Foundation logo

The name game: How women get erased in rural India
Thomson Reuters Foundation published an op-ed by Shipra Deo, Landesa’s Director of Women’s Land Rights in India, about how women’s names are often used to maintain the stronghold of patriarchy in rural India.

The Hill logo

A modest proposal for the post-election development agenda
In this op-ed for The Hill, Landesa Chief Program Officer Karol Boudreaux explores the ways that secure land rights connect to some of the world’s most pressing challenges – extreme poverty, food insecurity, gender inequality, and climate change.

Staff Spotlight: Sudipta Biswas
Sudipta Biswas headshot

Sudipta Biswas is a Programme Manager based in Kolkata, India, and has worked with Landesa since 2014.

"In many developing countries like India, agriculture is the mainstay for the rural economy, and secure land rights determine production and household food security. Being a part of Landesa’s global team, I am contributing to meeting the aspirations of people in rural areas experiencing poverty and to increasing the land’s productivity."



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