Stronger Land Rights

Empowering millions to break the cycle of poverty

Land is the most important asset in the Global South -- the foundation for shelter and security, and a pathway to economic empowerment and upward mobility. Working alongside our partners in government and civil society and within rural communities, Landesa promotes gender-equal land rights in a variety of ways.
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How We Strengthen Land Rights at the

Global level
National level
Grassroots level

From global arenas to grassroots initiatives

Landesa's core focus is on strengthening land rights to build opportunity and improve outcomes for rural women and men -- work that strengthens land rights from the ground up.
Global Advocacy

At the intersection of a host of development priorities, land rights are critical for solving some of the world's most pressing challenges. Landesa advocates for decision-makers to prioritize land rights in global initiatives, including the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

Responsible Investments

Land rights are essential to thriving economies and sustainable supply chains. Landesa partners with the private sector to promote best practices in responsible land investment, mitigating risk for business and improving outcomes for communities.

Law and Policy

Landesa helps government partners navigate the complex and politically sensitive journey of progressive land reform. By supporting national laws and policies that reduce inequality and strengthen rural land rights, Landesa's work is leveraged to improve the lives of millions.


Our work requires a coalition of partners who share the same vision: pro-poor and gender-equitable land rights reform. Landesa's network of government and civil society partners, established over decades of experience, gives us invaluable insight and influence in the places where we work.


Our work is rooted in research. By partnering with local civil society organizations on grassroots data collection, surveys, and field research, Landesa delivers recommendations that are adapted to local contexts while expanding our existing knowledge base.


Rural communities are the first and most important stakeholder in our work. Landesa engages local officials, village elders and community members with training programs that educate and sensitize the public about important changes to land laws.

Why Land Rights?

A foundation for better lives

Around the world, land is at the root of transformative change -- for families, for communities, and for entire countries. Stronger land rights create the incentive and the opportunity for rural people to improve their harvests and their lives by investing in this key resource.
Activities we do to strengthen land rights

  • Law and policy design
  • Advocacy
  • Research
  • Capacity building
  • Implementation
lead to strategic outcomes

  • Improved law and policy
  • Better land governance and management
  • Stronger women’s land rights
  • Increased evidence- based knowledge
  • Increased investment in land
that have long-term impacts

Economic empowerment
Improved nutrition and food security
Enhanced status and greater rights for women
Economic empowerment
More inclusive land management

Where We Work

66 countries and

Landesa's expertise stretches across continents and contexts. In the decades since our founding, our experts have worked in every region of the world -- and we are always on watch for emerging opportunities to continue our work.
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