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Our Progress

Landesa has designed and piloted the innovative Community Resource Persons (CRP) model, in which rural villagers are enlisted to help identify landless families in their own communities and then facilitate those families’ applications for land and other government services. More than 125,000 landless families have become owners of small plots of land.

Landesa has helped its government partners design, pilot, and establish the first Women’s Support Center, and scaled the program to establish 76 total centers in four districts across the state. The Centers work to provide widows, abandoned, and other single women with government services including opportunities to gain ownership of a small plot of land. More than 3,000 women have benefited.

Current Initiatives

Community Resource Person Model

To improve implementation of the state’s homestead land distribution program, Landesa designed the Community Resource Person (CRP) model and tested it in a pilot program in 36 villages in Ganjam, Gajapati, and Jagatsinghpur districts. Community Resource Persons are specially trained local youth who receive a small stipend to identify the landless families in their own communities and support government officials to process the families’ claims to the government land on which they currently live and farm. More than 1,000 CRPs have been trained and more than 115,000 landless families have benefited.

Ensuring Land Rights of Single Women

In partnership with the Ganjam district administration, Landesa designed a Women’s Land Rights Facilitation Center and piloted it in one tehsil (sub-district). The program relies on government Anganwadi workers (child and mother health workers) to identify single, landless rural women, such as widows and abandoned women, and help them receive land, training, job cards, and other government services.


Harnessing Mobile Technology to Strengthen Land Rights

Landesa and SIMLab (formerly Frontline SMS), in partnership with Google.org, are using mobile technology to help expedite applications for land and monitor the land titling process. This project harnesses the comparative efficiency of mobile technologies to help vulnerable families gain legal control over their homes and homestead land.



Supporting the government of Odisha with data-driven solutions to secure land rights for millions of poor rural landless people

Our History in Odisha

Landesa began its partnership with the state government of Odisha in 2009.

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