Land rights offer a path to a restored planet and a secure future for all.

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Climate change is the gravest challenge humanity faces, endangering peace and prosperity, food security, and the full enjoyment of human rights for every person on earth. We all experience the effects. But people living in poverty feel them the most harshly. Climate change and poverty are now so deeply intertwined that we must solve them together.

Building climate resilience through land rights…

Climate change devastates communities, degrades ecosystems, destroys livelihoods, and deepens existing gender and social inequalities. At Landesa, we leverage land rights as a powerful tool to flip the script toward resilient environments and thriving communities. Explore our work growing the path to climate justice through land rights.
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…for people and planet.

Climate justice starts with secure land rights. Landesa recognizes the people most impacted by climate change are also those already galvanizing solutions. We champion women, Indigenous Peoples, and youth in this fight by securing and strengthening their land rights – a powerful solution to build equity and mitigate climate change.
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Issue Brief: Youth Land Rights

January 12, 2022

The future belongs to youth. But in many parts of the world, young women and men lack the means and the opportunity to build livelihoods and fully participate in their communities. This is especially true in rural areas, where agriculture is the foundation of the economy, but land rights remain out of reach.

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We Must Listen to Women to Tackle Our Changing Climate

November 09, 2021

Women are underrepresented in climate leadership but hold the solutions for both people and planet.

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Women’s Land Rights as a Tool for Building Climate Resilient Food Systems – A COP26 Side Event

October 29, 2021

Join us for a conversation at COP26 about the critical role women play in building climate resilient food systems. Virtual webcast link available.

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