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Landesa’s Issue Briefs provide a closer look at how land rights can improve lives and have a positive impact on the world’s most persistent challenges.

Responsible Land Governance Key to Vulnerable Countries’ Adaptive Capacity

Enshrining land governance and land tenure security within policy frameworks is essential to providing a foundation to support women and men smallholder farmers, and indigenous and local communities across the Global South sustainably manage their lands and better adapt to the effects of climate change. Doing so is also critical for governments to effectively manage climate displacement to prevent further poverty, inequality, conflict and land degradation.

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The Global Land Rush

An overview of commercial land acquisitions around the world outlining the historical context, facts, misconceptions, risks, benefits, recommendations for investors, and resources for further reading.

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Land Rights and Food Security

This issue brief establishes the link between improved land rights, particularly for women, and subsequent benefits in improved household food security and nutrition. When farmers, especially women, have more control over assets like land, they are better equipped to grow and purchase nutritious food for their families.

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Is Bigger Better?

Developing countries are moving toward corporate farming as a way to boost production and jump-start agricultural development. But the basis of their strategy, the assumption that bigger farms are better farms, is one of the most enduring myths influencing agricultural development policy around the world.

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