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A key ingredient to tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges is right beneath our feet.

Women’s empowerment. Poverty. Nutrition. Climate change. Conflict. In much of the world, these issues share a common element—land.

For the rural poor, land is their most important asset, a signifier of social status, and a gateway to government services and civic engagement. But millions around the world—especially women—lack rights to this powerful tool. They are unable to invest in their land, less likely to have a voice in their community, vulnerable to eviction and displacement, and trapped in cycles of poverty. Together, we can change that.


Land rights help communities thrive.

Since 1967, Landesa has partnered with governments in more than 50 countries to strengthen land rights for more than 120 million families.

Landesa focuses on land rights because we know they can be transformational. By using the leveraged tools of law and policy change, we can provide opportunity for millions at a time. And our innovative on-the-ground models help ensure that those changes reach the most underserved populations, including women, scheduled castes, and tribal groups.


For decades, Landesa’s experts have been at the forefront of the movement to alleviate poverty, reduce conflict, fight hunger, empower women, and build sustainable prosperity.

Honored by:

Landesa has been rated among the top NGOs in the world - #1 within the field of human rights


A gift to Landesa allows us to leverage our government and other partners to make change for millions. In fact, over the course of our history, Landesa has been able to strengthen land rights at a cost of less than 75 cents per family.

Landesa helps make change that will last for generations. But we can’t do that without the support of donors like you. Your support allows us to respond quickly when new opportunities arise and sustains our work over the long term. At Landesa we know that change is possible and we know what needs to be done.

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