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Improving outcomes and opportunities for communities and helping companies do business in a trustworthy, transparent, and socially responsible way through guidance and practical advice on strengthening land tenure and stakeholder engagement.


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How to prioritize women’s rights in renewable energy push

April 29, 2021

The rapid and crucial shift from fossil fuels to renewables has witnessed a familiar trend: Women — especially rural and indigenous women — are severely marginalized in decisions about land use.

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Renewable Energy to Responsible Energy: A Call-to-Action

March 10, 2021

As the renewable energy sector continues to grow and evolve, it will need to be increasingly mindful of the need to ensure that adverse impacts on the environment, communities and human rights do not arise from its value chain and operations.

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Field Focus Blog

Global Land Risks and Opportunities in Corporate Supply Chains

January 11, 2021

Land-related risks are vastly underappreciated by corporate and environmental attorneys representing clients around the globe. This article seeks to raise the profile of land issues so that attorneys can better advise clients who might unwittingly trip into significant legal, financial, and operational peril by not fully appreciating how land risks lurk in supply chains and operations.

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