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Catalyze a global land rights movement by working to strengthen political will at the global and regional levels to:

  • improve land laws and policies within countries
  • build capacity and strengthening networks among allies
  • mobilize resources in support of land rights
  • create awareness around the importance of inclusive, gender-equal land rights to promote economic opportunity and achieve development goals


Field Focus Blog

In Myanmar, a Land Rights Program is Accelerating Gender Equality, Growing Rural Incomes, and Preserving Forests

February 26, 2020

What if we could alleviate rural poverty, strengthen women’s rights, and help turn the tide against climate change, all at once? In Myanmar, a program to secure land rights for the country’s forest-dwelling communities is helping villages make progress toward all three.

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Field Focus Blog

Their land, our future: To arrest the climate crisis, we need a democratic overhaul

December 02, 2019

Both the climate crisis and inequality require a democratic overhaul. Governments globally should start by turning over legal control of land and natural resources to local communities and indigenous land users. Their rights are key to survival for all of us.

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Field Focus Blog

Strengthening Land Rights Will Curb Migration

September 17, 2019

With the world's food supply under threat and millions already facing climate-driven migration, a land-use revolution is needed. Legal reforms that strengthen rural communities' land rights are essential to providing the leverage and incentive to invest in climate resilience.

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