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Improve outcomes and opportunities for communities through guidance on strengthening land tenure and sustainable land management policies and practices to advance climate mitigation and adaptation.


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Global Action on Land Degradation Offers a Win-Win Solution for People and the Planet

February 15, 2021

Land degradation neutrality is daunting, but not impossible. And often the solutions are simple, even if the implementation is challenging: protect forests and land, and the people stewarding them.

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Staff Spotlight: Rachel McMonagle

February 12, 2021

Read a short interview with Rachel McMonagle, Landesa's Climate Change and Land Tenure Specialist.

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Field Focus Blog

We can’t tackle climate change without indigenous people

February 04, 2021

Rachel McMonagle, Landesa's Climate Change and Land Tenure Specialist, urges the Biden Administration to put Indigenous Peoples’ rights and expertise at the forefront of climate change solutions.

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