Travel with Landesa. See the Change.

You’re invited! Join us in Cambodia, Nov. 9-15, 2023 with:


Dr. Ohnmar Myo Aung
Director of Program Coordination, Southeast Asia


Dr. Mark West
Senior Director, Southeast Asia

Join us for an unparalleled opportunity to travel internationally with Landesa’s team and meet with our in-country land tenure experts. Landesa’s See the Change trips provide you with the opportunity to learn directly from the women, men, and communities working to strengthen their rights to land. Experience the positive impact of our work, as we explore natural, historical, and cultural sites along the way.

Check out a sample itinerary:

Day 1 (Thursday, Nov. 9): Spend a restful morning in Siem Reap, gateway to Angkor Wat. Refresh yourself for an exciting week of activities. In the afternoon, join members of Landesa’s Board of Directors for a visit to a local civil society partner, where you will learn how Landesa is building capacity of and strengthening local organizations.

Day 2 (Friday, Nov. 10): Visit Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s archaeological wonder, a UNESCO World Heritage site and former capital of the Khmer Empire, followed by a group dinner.

Day 3 (Saturday, Nov. 11): Depart Siem Reap for Ratanakiri, a 6-7 hour drive by car. Enjoy views of the Cambodian countryside.

Day 4 (Sunday, Nov. 12): Visit with two Indigenous Community Land Titling Sites supported by Landesa for over 2 years, including a meeting with Provincial Chief of the Land Ministry.

Day 5 (Monday, Nov. 13): Depart Ratanakiri and stop at Kampong Thom, a classic land allocation site. Visually arresting, you will encounter windswept dry land and not a lot of lush agriculture; but you’ll also meet women leaders speaking proudly of life now: no longer landless, today they feel empowered. Finish the day in Phomn Penh, Cambodia’s capital and a jewel of colonial-era architecture.

Day 6 (Tuesday, Nov. 14): Travel to Kampot. This coastal province in the south is home to several community fisheries in mangrove areas where Landesa is in pilot development. You will see the need and the way community fisheries work. Meet with a government official here from the Fisheries Administration.

Day 7 (Wednesday, Nov. 15): Return to Phnom Penh for departure. Or extend your visit, exploring Phnom Penh or other sites in Southeast Asia. For those interested, there is an optional 2-day trip to a mangroves area, 2 hours south of Phuket, Thailand.

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