The vast majority of Cambodians depend on land and natural resources to sustain their livelihoods. Despite the country’s lush vegetation and hot climate, the land offers most Cambodians no more than a hard life lived under the poverty line.

Urgent measures must be taken to ensure the sustainable management of Cambodia’s land and natural resources, and equitable distribution of benefits for its economic growth.

Past programs include:

Land Valuation and Compensation in Expropriation Law and Practice in China, Cambodia & India.

Asian Development Bank.

Landesa conducted field research, literature review, comparative studies and assessments, and legal and policy advice on asset valuation relating to development-induced land expropriations (sometimes called “land grabs”). Landesa produced a comprehensive paper reviewing the three countries’ valuation methodologies of land and other immovable assets and their corresponding compensation schemes. Landesa also offered country-specific recommendations and general advice on how the Asian Development Bank may help client countries improve their valuation and compensation policies to ensure that Special Economic Zones and other developments do not occur at the expense of farmers. September 2005 to January 2006.