Lithuania has the highest proportion of population in agriculture of all the Baltic states. Significant reforms were introduced in the early 1990s to reestablish private ownership and management in the agricultural sector following the breakup of the former Soviet Union.

Past projects:

Land markets in Lithuania, Poland and Romania.

World Bank.

Landesa examined the legal basis for the development of agricultural land markets in Lithuania, Poland, and Romania—three of the ten countries seeking accession to the European Union (EU)—in order to assess whether such conditions meet pertinent EU accession requirements. February 1999 to August 1999.

Land law and policy fieldwork, research, and recommendations in selected EU accession candidate countries.

The World Bank.

Landesa’s best-practices research, fieldwork, report, recommendations, and conference targeted the legal and institutional conditions underlying land market development in Lithuania, Poland, and Romania (three countries seeking accession to the European Union). February 1999 to August 1999.