DSC_1040副本Xiaohui Wu


Xiaohui Wu is a land law and policy attorney and research manager who specializes in land rights and rule of law development in China.  Wu has conducted research on land rights, property law reform, land registration, and equitable development in rural China. He has experience in international human rights law and has worked in the United Nations system in China and national institutions. Wu has published extensively on a wide range of legal issues, ranging from public international law, human rights law, WTO and international trade regulations, rule of law and land rights of farmers in China.

Areas of Expertise:

Research methods; project management; land tenure policy; land rights formalization; land administration; land dispute resolution; inheritance law; marital property law; eminent domain law; forestland tenure; policy advocacy and communications; participatory processes.


LL.M., International Law degree, Renmin University of China.

S.J.D., University of Toronto, Canada.

LL.B. (with honors), Anhui University, China.

International experience:


Why I think securing land rights is so important:

“Land rights of farmers really hold the key to China’s future stability and the welfare of the poor in rural China. China’s development in the past three decades has not brought equitable benefits to millions of farmers. Millions of them were deprived of their land without fair compensation and due procedure. The drive towards urbanization and scale farming has become a new threat to farmers’ property right. Landesa is well positioned to support China’s reform towards greater land tenure security for farmers.”

Published Materials:

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