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Our Progress

More than 280,000 formerly poor landless families have become landowners in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Andhra Pradesh has implemented land-related legal aid and legal education programs to help reduce conflict, insecurity, and poverty. With government partners, Landesa has established two legal aid clinics and a Land Rights Center in NALSAR University of Law in Andhra Pradesh.

Landesa’s Current Activities

  •  Landesa and its partners are improving and expanding the paralegal program to help poor families obtain land rights to the land they currently reside on. Once they become landowners, they can invest in their future and access government services to pull themselves out of poverty.
  •  State officials are working with Landesa to revise tenancy laws to allow women to lease agricultural land. Research shows that the state’s current restrictive tenancy legislation both reduces agricultural efficiency and restricts land access for the poor.
  •  Landesa and its partners continue to train Community Resource Persons, who help identify the poor and landless in their own communities and help them with initial applications to government programs. These local field assistants are cost-effective and have deep knowledge of the community, which allows our partners to expedite the work and bring it to scale quickly. Landesa and partner NALSAR University of Law established a Centre for Land Rights


  •  Landesa and its partner the Andhra Pradesah Legal Services Authority have established two legal aid clinics in Telangana. The Clinics provide legal services to resolve land-related problems for the rural poor.
  •  Landesa is working closely with the government of Telangana to review and revise the state’s new land laws.


Assist the new state of Telangana with drafting pro-poor land laws, policies, and programs to reduce extreme poverty. Continue to partner with Andhra Pradesh to create innovative programs to address the state’s rural poverty.


Landesa has been working in Andhra Pradesh since 1999 and in Telangana since it was established in 2014.