Past projects in Russia include:

National land reform laws and programs decollectivized farming in Russia and gave farming families legal, marketable land rights to individual plots, benefiting 17,800,000 families.

Legal Aid Center, Vladimir Province — 1996 – 2003

Legal Aid for Asset-based Rural Development — 2000 – 2001

Policy and Legal Advice on Land Privatization and Land Market Development — 1997 – 1999

Russian Federation Regional Agricultural Development — 1995 – 1996

A review by a staff member of Landesa (then called the Rural Development Institute) of land legislation in Novgorod Oblast (region) in Russia, which includes a short profile of agricultural land reform in the region; discusses the Constitution of the Russian Federation and other federal legal enactments that give Novgorod oblast legal authority to act in the land area; and cites issues important in the process of land reform and land market development.