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July 2023

IDR ONLINE — Landesa’s Shipra Deo explains how the conversation around land rights is incomplete without giving due consideration to dignity. “How [women] use the land, whether for livelihood or survival, is closely interlinked to an individual’s existence and dignity.”

May 2023

April 2023

Equal inheritance rights are a path toward achieving an equitable, hopeful future; they are positively associated with higher levels of women’s entrepreneurship and can lead to economic empowerment. ALRD’s Rowshan Moni and Landesa’s Beth Roberts explain how equal inheritance rights can help us drive transformative change now.

Landesa’s evidence scan on the connection between women’s land tenure security and climate change mitigation and adaptation was featured in WeProsper’s Research Salon brief. These Research Salons offer an opportunity for coalition members to share research on thematic areas of joint interest in order to expand the knowledge base and inform coalition advocacy on women’s economic empowerment, justice, and rights.

March 2023

Monica Magoke-Mhoja was interviewed about Landesa’s partnership with Sheria Kiganjani to create a mobile application that provides women living in remote areas with legal advice about their land rights and information on how to seek redress if these rights are violated. Over 20 community paralegals are now registered to use the Women and Land segment, 400 women have already been provided legal assistance, while 50 widows got their land rights formalized.