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Mar 01 2014

China Raises Compensation Standards by 50% for Forestland Farmers

Thanks in part to advocacy efforts by Landesa and the Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF), the China central government has decided to raise compensation for millions of poor farmers across the country.

Landesa and CAF made policy recommendations and held a workshop on compensation standards for China’s forest conservation programs. Senior officials from the State Forestry Administration (SFA), the Ministry of Finance (MOF), Guangdong Provincial Government, and experts from academia attended the workshop. Landesa’s land tenure experts provided the findings of their research on the issues of compensation standards, effective international models related to forestland conservation, and made policy recommendations to government officials. The central government’s commitment to increase compensation to farmers by 50 percent provides farmers with incentive to conserve forestland.

To view some of Landesa’s research on this topic: A Case for Farmers and Rural Communities’ Right to Compensation Under China’s Natural Forest Protection Program (NFPP).

To learn more about Landesa’s work in China, visit our China page.

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