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Jan 16 2015

Landesa Published New Video to Ensure Land Remains Part of the Sustainable Development Goals

January 16, 2015 — As UN member states begin their discussions on the post 2015 sustainable development framework on January 19th, Landesa and its partners want to continue efforts to ensure that land rights for women and men is explicitly included in the post 2015 development goals, targets, and indicators.

This video makes the case for why it is vital to retain secure land rights for women and men under three key goals: poverty, nutrition, and gender equality.


To help ensure that the video is distributed widely, this video is free to embed on your website, post on social media, and share via email.

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  • Watch: How #landrights are key to achieving the #Post2015 #SDGs: [LINK TO VIDEO]
  • VIDEO: A 2-minute highlight reel of the #landrights movement and its future: [LINK TO VIDEO]
  • A simple idea that has sparked 45 years of progress against poverty [LINK TO VIDEO]
  • Join the growing movement to fight poverty, reduce conflict, and empower women with the power of land: [LINK TO VIDEO]
  • From the Vietnam War to the #Post2015 #SDGs, watch this 2-min video to see the link [LINK TO VIDEO]
  • Want to improve nutrition, reduce poverty and empower women? Watch this 2-min video [LINK TO VIDEO]

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