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May 16 2016

Meeting at the Intersection of Women’s Land Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals

Landesa is participating in two top-tier global events to elevate women’s land rights and highlight it as a fundamental pillar of global development and human rights efforts.

At the Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen, Landesa will lead a session on the tangible benefits and empowerment when women have secure rights to land, among them poverty alleviation, improved health outcomes, food security, increased decision-making power and gender equality. Landesa will also be advocating, with partners, such as the Asia Pacific Women Law and Development, to link land rights, gender, and climate change at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Bonn, Germany.  We know that when small farmers have secure land rights, they’re more likely to plant trees and invest in soil conservation that not only make them more resilient but also help mitigate climate change. Secure land rights make women and their communities more resilient and capable of adapting to and recovering from climate change impacts.

Stronger land rights for women can present a solution to some of the most entrenched and emerging global challenges. For the millions of women around the world whose land rights are curtailed by law or practice, it has the power to change their lives.

Visit the Landesa Center for Women’s Land Rights for more on our work on women’s land rights.

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