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Nov 08 2022

Staff Spotlight: Pinaki Halder

Pinaki Halder is the National Director of Programs in India. Pinaki began working for Landesa in 2011 as a Senior Manager, and has also served as Landesa’s State Director for West Bengal. 

What brought you to Landesa?

The first thing to impress me about the organization was that Landesa works to address the root cause of rural poverty, i.e., landlessness. The second thing was its focus on women’s land rights. Though prior to joining Landesa I worked with government and UNICEF, mainly on multi-dimensional aspects of rural poverty, the uniqueness of Landesa was the core poverty issue by working with government. This contributed largely for me to take the decision to join Landesa.

What inspires your work?

True focus on land reforms, exploring sustainable solutions to land access, control and ownership by most vulnerable, disadvantaged women and men despite inherent challenges associated with, and opportunity to contribute to the difficult work of system development within government with capacity to deliver land reforms benefits to the targeted population.

What work at Landesa makes you particularly proud?

Our work influencing government policy and systems development.

Describe your vision for a better world.

Women and the disadvantaged poor have enjoyed their due, legitimate, and secure land rights to help society progress towards prosperity.

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