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May 31 2022

Welcoming New Program Leadership

We are thrilled to announce four recent staff changes at Landesa:

Constance Teage moves into the role of Liberia Program Director. Constance has been a mission-driven land rights ambassador as part of our Liberia team since 2018. She brings a keen understanding of the land rights sector as well as a strong commitment to Landesa’s ambitious vision, having been a pivotal player in advocating for the passage of Liberia’s Land Rights Act and continuing this work through implementation support. Constance will lead our Liberia program in cultivating impact through inclusive formalization of communities’ land rights and beyond.


Dr. Monica Mhoja moves into the new role of Outreach Director – Africa. Monica brings more than 25 years of experience in leadership and rights advocacy, for women (especially widows) and youth, building leadership and inclusion in development programs on land rights, inheritance rights, and gender-based violence using collaborative and human rights-based approaches. As our Tanzania Program Director since 2018, Monica has been a strong communicator and storyteller, with a creative and innovative mind that will serve us well as she assumes this new role to position land rights as a critical lever for alleviating poverty and empowering rural women and men.


Godfrey Massay moves into the role of Tanzania Program Director. Godfrey joined our team in 2017 as a Land Tenure Specialist and the first Landesa staff member in Africa. He holds a wealth of institutional knowledge and country experience essential for the continuity of our Tanzania program. A former Landesa Visiting Professional, Godfrey is renowned for quality partnerships and relations with government institutions and ministries, donors, and civil society organizations and we look forward to his capable leadership moving forward.


Dr. Fibian Lukalo joins us as our new Kenya Program Director. Fibian brings an array of experience to this leadership role, previously serving as the Director for Research and Advocacy at the National Lands Commission of Kenya and a Lecturer at Moi University. A sociologist committed to social justice in the fields of land governance, climate crisis, gender, and education, Fibian has focused her work on marginalized societies and reimagined inclusive economic development and transformative education. With more than 16 years of experience in research, training, and advocacy, Fibian is also a former Landesa Visiting Professional.

Please join us in congratulating Constance, Monica, Godfrey, and Fibian on their new roles and celebrating their contributions to Landesa’s work in Africa.

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