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May 27 2016

10 Reasons to Invest in Girls

The Girls Project, a partnership between the government of West Bengal and Landesa, aims to improve girls’ social and economic status, and thereby reduce their many vulnerabilities in the short and long-term. By increasing girls’ and communities’ understanding of girls’ land-related rights and helping girls to use land to create assets and demonstrate their value, girls can gain some control over their futures and are more likely to enjoy secure land rights as adults.

The project will reach 1.25 million girls in West Bengal through 2018, teaching them about their rights to own and inherit land, and receiving training in intensive gardening skills during regular meetings facilitated by rural health workers.

We know that land rights are a transformative resource that can empower women financially and socially. By providing West Bengal’s girls with a land education today, the Girls Project positions them to enjoy land rights tomorrow.


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