Oct 25 2015

The Gender Gap in Land

Although women play an indispensable role in the rural economy, they face severe constraints in accessing the agricultural assets and services they need to maximize their production. It has become increasingly clear that there is a “gender gap” in resources such as land, technology, and extension services; that the gap imposes costs not only on women but also on the broader economy and society; and that closing the gap would improve agricultural productivity and reduce hunger and poverty. Oft-cited statistics from a recent FAO report focus on the gains that could be made if women had equal access to non-land resources. In light of evidence that secure rights to land for women can increase agricultural productivity and confer other household benefits, we at Landesa think it is critical to consider what additional gains could be made if women had equal access to one of the most important assets to agricultural households: land.

Closing the Gender Gap in Land Rights

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Women and land infographic

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