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Nov 25 2012


Widows in northern Uganda face many challenges, as Margaret’s story illustrates.

Margaret was married at the age of sixteen. She and her husband had two children. While her husband was still alive she had access to four plots of land through her connection to his family (in Northern Uganda tradition dictates that when a woman marries, she moves onto land which is provided by her husband’s family.)

Unfortunately, though, Margaret’s husband died suddenly in 2006. That’s when difficulties began to arise between her and her husband’s brother over the land she was using. Here’s Margaret’s account of what happened: AUDIO CLIP 1

With Jackie’s help, Margaret took it upon herself to figure out a solution that would work for her and her family: AUDIO CLIP 2

So to summarize – the family has 25 people who need land, but only 20 plots to go around.

For Margaret, looking to the future the solution the family came up with feels like a good one: AUDIO CLIP 3


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