Monthly Archives: October 2011

Washington State’s Most Important Export: Hope

Think of Washington state and you probably picture a rainy emerald region with an economy powered by airplanes, timber, software, and salmon, and a people powered through the eternal mist by coffee. But there is one vital industry absent from …
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“In China it is power, not law, which governs.”

When eating dinner with a family in Fujian province, I explained I was a lawyer conducting field research. The elderly family patriarch responded, “In China it is power, not law, which governs.” And in many ways he was right (not …
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Uprooting Families to Save Trees

Much has been written about the global land rush –the trend in which investors, eager to establish plantations to produce food or biofuel at a discount, buy up or lease vast swaths of farmland in the developing world. In the …
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