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Sep 09 2014

Landesa Releases New Smallholder Issue Brief

July 21, 2014 – The brief helps illuminate the power of smallholder farming to address a number of our development goals. It takes on the myth that large mega farms are more “modern” and productive than smallholder farms.

Help share this issue brief: join Landesa and Devex in a “Small Poems for Smallholders” Twitter rally from July 21 through July 25 as part of Devex’s FeedingDev campaign.

Tweet a Haiku about smallholders using the hashtags #SHFHaiku and #Feedingdev and include the following link to Landesa’s new smallholder issue brief to help spread the word about the critical role smallholder farming plays in our poverty alleviation efforts:

Sample Tweets:

#Feedingdev Rally – Create a Haiku to honor smallholder farmers’ role in #foodsecurity. Include #SHFHaiku and this link:

On a hillside plot / All plowed, sowed, and harvested / A bright  future grows #SHFHaiku #FeedingDev


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