Jun 27 2018

Girls and Land: Educating girls today to exercise their land rights tomorrow (VIDEO)

Launched in 2010, Landesa’s Security for Girls Through Land Project (Girls Project) was designed to position girls to realize their land rights as women, and by doing so, reduce some of the vulnerabilities they face now as adolescents. Over the past several years, it has been doing just that – giving girls like Sanchita the knowledge and confidence needed to exercise their rights in adulthood.

The scaling phase of the program in West Bengal, India aimed to reach 900,000 girls, and also works to educate, sensitize, and start discussions with boys, communities, and government institutions. By increasing girls’ & communities’ understanding of girls’ land-related rights and helping girls to use land, girls can gain some control over their futures and are more likely to enjoy secure land rights as adults.

On June 11, Landesa participated in FHI 360’s Gender 360 Summit in Washington, D.C. With a panel discussing Transforming Harmful Social Norms, Girls Project Program Manager Soumita Das shared our work on preparing girls to realize their land rights as women.

Watch the latest video featuring the Girls Project above, or peruse the new Girls and Land Briefer below to learn more.


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