Dec 12 2022

Land Rights and Renewable Energy: Risks & Recommendations for Responsible RE Development

Landesa was commissioned by Growald Climate Fund to look into the land issues and risks of coal and renewable energy (particularly wind, solar, and geothermal) in Australia, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Poland, and South Africa. Check out the full report for findings and recommendations for addressing prevalent land-related issues.

Read the Land & RE Report

Recommendations for addressing land-related issues:

  1. Support organizations who can help governments to strengthen legal frameworks around RE development, including social safeguards
  2. Support efforts to conduct participatory land use planning
  3. Support efforts to ensure consultation and consent processes follow international best practice, including FPIC
  4. Consider measures and work to support fair compensation & benefit sharing
  5. Minimize negative community impacts by promoting land‐efficient alternatives
  6. Promote community‐led projects, including partnerships with indigenous communities
  7. Sensitize and inform potential host communities through public education & capacity development
  8. Support organizations that promote inclusion of women & marginalized groups in decision‐making & benefit sharing
  9. Incorporate land issues into due diligence processes

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