Land Rights and Climate Change

Gender-Responsive Governance & Women’s Land Rights

Emerging evidence suggests that when women hold secure rights to land, efforts to tackle climate change are more successful, and responsibilities and benefits associated with climate change response programs are more equitably distributed.

Resources on gender and land:

COP24 Side Event Information (PDF)

Learn about the COP24 Action Hub Session: Climate Champions Linking Secure Land Rights and Climate Resiliency that took place on Tuesday December 11, 2018.


Policy Brief: Responsive Land Governance Strengthens Adaptive Capacity


Critical to the outcome of COP24 is finalizing the Implementation Guidelines and commitments within Parties’ Nationally Determined Contributions, or NDCs. Enshrining land governance and land tenure security policies within these frameworks is essential to providing a foundation to support women and men smallholder farmers, and indigenous and local communities across the Global South sustainably manage their lands and better adapt to the effects of climate change. Doing so is also critical for governments to effectively manage climate displacement to prevent further poverty, inequality, conflict and land degradation.

Read the Policy Brief (PDF)

Infographics: Secure Land Rights and Climate Change

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