Oct 24 2017

Vanishing Land: Climate Change, Slow-Onset Disasters, and Land Rights

As climate change impacts intensify, growing rates of natural disasters cause increasing damage to the lives of people across the globe. Climate change-related disasters include both rapid-onset disasters (such as hurricanes) and slow-onset disasters (such as long-term droughts). Given the urgency of rapid-onset disasters, it is unsurprising that governments, multi-lateral organizations, donors and others target a large percentage of resources towards rapid-onset events related to climate change.

Slow-onset disasters, however, have a significant and lasting impact on a host of development issues, from food security to fast-paced urbanization. While the mitigation, adaptation, and prevention of slow-onset related displacement requires a holistic approach, the collaborative issue brief and infographic developed by Landesa and BRAC focuses on slow-onset climate change migration and displacement with a particular emphasis on land use, tenure, and rights related issues.

Download the Issue Brief Here


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