Feb 05 2018

Land Rights as a Critical Factor in Donor Agricultural Investments: Constraints and opportunities for YieldWise in Kenya’s mango value chain

The Rockefeller Foundation’s recently launched YieldWise Initiative brings together
the often disjointed efforts of the public, private, and non-profit sectors at different points of the supply chain into a cohesive, targeted suite of interventions designed to reduce post-harvest losses. In its first phase, the initiative is targeting four value chains in three Sub-Saharan countries including the mango value chain in Kenya, the maize value chain in Tanzania, and the tomato and cassava chains in Nigeria. As part of this effort, the Rockefeller Foundation sought to better understand key linkages between land rights and project outcomes, namely: (1) whether and how land rights for Kenya’s mango farmers affect project uptake and success; and (2) what (if any) are this project’s unintended consequences on land tenure in implementation areas.

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