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Dec 02 2015

The Link Between Land Rights, Climate Change, and Environmental Stewardship

Climate change is a persistent and significant threat to lives and livelihoods around the globe. Perhaps no group is more deeply impacted than the world’s smallholder farmers. Soil erosion, rising temperatures and cataclysmic weather events have a disproportionate impact on rural women and men, most of whom rely on agriculture to survive. But with more secure land rights, small farmers can be more resilient and become better environmental stewards.

As world leaders convene in Paris for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, Landesa presents the following resources, which explore the link between land rights, climate change, and environmental stewardship for the world’s 1 billion small farmers.

View our Land Rights, Climate Change, and Environmental Stewardship Infographic

View our Women Gaining Ground factsheet and call-to-action

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