Aug 22 2018

Chris Jochnick’s Tribute to Tim Hanstad

As Tim Hanstad embarks upon a new chapter, it’s fitting that we take stock of his remarkable contributions to Landesa and the field of land rights. Over the course of three decades, Tim has been a tireless advocate for the idea that rural women and men, endowed with secure rights to their land, can lift themselves out of poverty. With Roy Prosterman, he founded not only the premier land rights organization but a leading global NGO of any stripe.

However, my debt to Tim is more personal. CEO transitions are always fraught, especially with a founder. Despite that, over the course of three years working with Tim, he has been my indispensable guide, sounding-board and friend. He has eagerly shared his knowledge and contacts and given me all the space I needed to succeed. The smoothness of our transition owes everything to his humility, grace and dedication to Landesa above all else. His example deserves to be studied widely.

Tim leaves at an auspicious time for the land sector, with governments around the world taking up land reform efforts, and key institutions and funders continuing to embrace the idea that land rights are a critical tool for the social and economic empowerment. Though it pains me to lose a pillar from within Landesa, I know that we are gaining a champion and ally from without. I’m excited to see where this next chapter takes Tim, and look forward to working with him in the years to come.

Chris Jochnick, Landesa President & CEO

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