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This event examines the intersection of women’s land rights, sustainable land use, and the climate crisis by highlighting the connection between gender-sensitive land rights reforms, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and sustainable land use strategies related to women’s skills and knowledge, such as in water and agriculture. U.S. Government officials will join to share efforts related to this nexus.

This event features voices from the Stand for Her Land (S4HL) campaign – grassroots leaders from both rural and urban communities who hold deep expertise on securing gender equal rights for women, and engaging men and whole communities for gender justice.

This virtual event, hosted by Devex in partnership with the Hilton Foundation, will explore how investing in girl’s education can help increase their resilience to climate change, but also how it can play a key role in fostering girls’ and women’s climate leadership and climate action.

The ideal of a married woman decorated with sindoor, sakha, and bichiya is romanticized through legend and folklore; steeped in this culture, women themselves see value in these rituals. Millions of women in India do not even imagine that these discriminatory and patriarchal rituals are not supernaturally ordained and blind them to the reality that the revered status given to suhagins causes untold suffering to any woman (widow) who does not fit the ideal.