Christine (Tinah) Kajumba Research Manager, Associates Research Trust Uganda

Tinah Kajumba has experience designing and conducting field research on topics related to land, gender and livelihoods, and health. She started her research career at Makerere Institute of Social Research, Traditional and Modern Health Practitioner together against AIDS, and Associates Research Trust Uganda (ARU), where she is now research manager.

As ARU’s research manager, Ms. Kajumba generates data and information for policy and planning and manages field operations and data collection by the organization’s research teams, with each project requiring the implementation of different research methodologies. She is extensively involved in researching land issues in post-conflict recovery, especially those concerning women and customary tenure.

Ms. Kajumba’s interactions with diverse communities, both within and outside of Uganda, have enabled her to build practical experience in rural participatory research methods. A member of the Interim Technical Committee on the implementation of the Uganda National Land Policy, she holds a master’s degree in project planning and management from Makerere University.