Fibian Lukalo Director, Research and Advocacy, National Land Commission

Fibian Lukalo received her PhD in educational sociology and gender in 2010 from the University of Cambridge. She is currently the Director of Research at the National Land Commission – Kenya. Ms. Lukalo views gender as a vital component to decision-making around legal demands of land reforms and its utilization in communities. She has co-authored a series on public land in various counties. She is published in several Education, Livelihoods and Gender studies journals. Her work focuses on analyses of the relationship between land, gender and livelihoods (history, legal, tenure security) and on tracing what this means for land policy, research methodology. Resulting projects include research on land succession and conflicts, and tracing the history of land tiling and its effects on women in Kenya. Ms. Lukalo is committed to improving land rights for all and increased land tenure security for women and marginalized groups and participates in several national professional organizations.